Submission, available budget and review procedures (Stage 1)

Stage 1

Stage 1 projects must form a relevant contribution to achieving any of the aims of the call (see above), especially improving HIV, hepatitis or TB testing and care and reducing barriers to testing. Stage 1 projects will be the basis for stage 2 project submissions, but must be planned as stand-alone projects. 
Funding stage 1: max. CHF 30,000 (provided in three instalments; second and third instalments depending on mid-term and final reporting).

Projects will undergo a review process and notification of funding can be expected in June 2020.

Stage 2

Only institutions/organizations that successfully carried out stage 1 projects are eligible for submissions to stage 2 projects. After completion of a stage 1 project phase, institutions may apply for a stage 2 project. The stage 2 projects should build on outcomes, insights and lessons learnt from the stage 1 pilot project. Maximum funding per stage 2 project will be CHF 300.000, running time will be 3 years.

Detailed requirements for stage 2 will be communicated in 2021. 

A budget of CHF 1.15 Mio has been made available for this project round to support up to six stage 1 projects and stage 2 projects depending on evaluations.

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