Closed - application deadline: 29 April 2022

WEEPI extraordinary call for proposals to support the provision of care for people affected by the war in Ukraine

Aim and scope

This extraordinary call for proposals is aimed at supporting clinical or implementation projects focusing on provision of HIV, viral hepatitis or tuberculosis related care for people from Ukraine who have either remained in the country or left their home to a neighboring country as a consequence of the war. The call will seek to support projects documenting generalizable results and lessons learned for the provision of care in similar emergency situations.

To be eligible, the proposal must focus on one of the following areas:

WEEPI remains a research focused foundation and therefore the ability to document these lessons learned will be a core criterium.



Countries Proposals from the following countries are eligible: Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. 
Due to recent requests, we are now accepting outstanding proposal submissions from countries not originally included among the seven eligible countries. We cannot guarantee prioritisation of proposals from outside the seven original eligible countries and submissions must follow all other eligibility requirements.

Institutions and individuals Public health care institutions, universities, university-associated institutes, private and public hospitals and non-governmental or not for profit organizations. 

The main applicant must have a permanent employment in the applying institution. Applications must be endorsed by the governing body of the institution. In case the individual(s) who applied for the grant leaves the institution, the grant as well as the responsibility for completing the project remains with the governing body of the institution.

Budget Maximum budget per application: CHF 50 000. A total budget of CHF 200 000 has been made available for this extraordinary call for applications to support up to four projects, depending on evaluations. Minimum 80% of the budget should be spent in an eligible country. Infrastructure cost (test kits, laboratory services etc.) should not exceed 20% of the budget. Direct medicine costs (including OST) will not be covered by WEEPI.

Deadline for submission 29 April 2022


Evaluation criteria 

An expedite review process is foreseen and will be based on the following evaluation criteria:


Reporting requirements

The funded projects are intended to generate lessons learned for the provision of care in emergency situations that could be applicable in other emergency situations. The expectation is that the project outcomes (‘study results’) can be published in the format of a good practice case study – describing the background, aim and objectives, the practice itself, the results (output and impact) and replicability considerations, challenges and lessons learned.

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