Eligibility requirements (Stage 1)


To be eligible, the project must aim at improving the quality of care for people living with HIV, viral hepatitis or tuberculosis, focusing on at least two of the following aspects:

Deadline and duration of stage 1 proposals
Deadline for submission of stage 1 proposals is 1 March 2020. 
The duration of stage 1 proposals should not exceed 12 months.

Proposals should be submitted online at www.weepi.org. 


The following countries are eligible for the first wave: Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Eligible Institutions and Individuals

Public health care institutions, universities, university-associated institutes, private and public hospitals, and non-governmental not for profit organizations. 

Applicants must be health care providers or researchers with a permanent employment at an eligible institution. Applications must be endorsed by the governing body of the institution. In case the individual(s) who applied for the grant leaves the institution, the grant as well as the responsibility for completing the project remains with the governing body of the institution.

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